Special Teachers

Our highly qualified teacher are committed to providing the best education for children to achieve their full potential.

Special Environment

The calm and secure environment encourages children to explore, investigate, reflect and try things out with confidence.

Special Programs

We provide special programme that promotes optimum intellectual and social skills in young children enabling them to cope with our rapidly changing world.

Special Diet

Our well balanced, nutritious meals are prepared and served daily. This includes a delicious mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack as well as fresh fruit.

What we

Our vision

To be the prefered day care and pre-school that cheries childhood as a margical experience for both children and their families.

Our motto

Enable, Nature, Thrive


To provide a holstic day care and pre-school experience that creates a naturing and a happy enviroment, giving children a home away from home

Our values

We believe that all children desrve a safe, loving and nurturing environment to grow. We value open and honest communication with educators and families, and welcome their feedback

Teaching Your Child the way of life

We have the right teachers siuted for your children needs

Our Events

Our Events create a memories and a healthy environment for your children

Cultural day

On this day, we let students duve into cultural music dance and drama

Clubs day

Here children are exposed to activities that promote their talents like music dance

Tourism Day

We take student out to explore natire and the beauty of the thier country

Graduation day

We celebrate each milestone a child reaches on this.

Sharing day

When you love someone, you share, that's all we teach them to do

Sports day

We know children can be good at games. we set this day to promote thier talent at football, netball and athletics

What Parents Says About Us

Here's what parents like about our school

Let's educate your child

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